Wondering where I get my info?  The following links can be found throughout my blog entries.



Babies Palate and Food Memories Shaped Before Birth

Federal Breastfeeding Laws


Attitudes Toward  Spanking Survey

“Benefits” of Spanking?

Corporal Punishment in the US

Effects of Spanking on Parents

Religion and Spanking

Spanking Detrimental to Kids

Spanking Makes Behavior Worse

Toddler Spanking by Parents in the US


Epidurals Protect Muscles During Labor

When Given Control, Women Use Less Epidural Anesthesia During Delivery

Epidural vs Natural Childbirth: Side Effects and Risks

Epidural Anesthesia – American Pregnancy Association

Pain and a Broken Epidural: Mom Feels Alone and Helpless During Labor

Induction/Cesarean Delivery

An Obstetrician’s Plea

Calculating Due Date

Discouraging Inductions and Elective Cesareans

Fetal Lungs Protein Release Triggers Labor to Begin

How Accurate are Due Dates?

How Big is Too Big?

Inducing for the Holidays

Is My Baby Too Big??

More Interventions, Same Outcomes

Shoulder Dystosia and the Gaskin Maneuver


“Cascade of Interventions”


Quality of Care with Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs)

Natural/Home Birth

A Footling Breech Homebirth (with pictures)


Parenting Styles

Postpartum Issues

Birth Rape


Benefits to Baby

Benefits to Mom

Co-Sleeping and Independence

Co-Sleeping and Intimacy

Co-Sleeping and SIDS

Co-Sleeping Around the World

Co-Sleeping as a Way for Working Moms (and Dads) to Reconnect

Evolution and Co-Sleeping

Safe Co-Sleeping Habits

Travel and Co-Sleeping

Turn Your Crib Into a Co-Sleeper


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